Once your marketing strategy is crafted, you've identified your target audience and how you plan to reach them, it's time to begin the branding process. A good brand begins with a great logo. A poorly designed logo can reflect on your business for years to come, but a well-crafted logo begins to tell your business' story. Fortunately, the designers at J&L Consulting are experienced at creating high quality logos that properly convey your brand's unique story, to begin the journey to brand consistency. 

While many people do not understand the goal of marketing, it is rather simple: to create an experience that leads to conversions. That should be the only goal of any marketer, be it an employee, or an outsourced marketing firm. This simple and straightforward objective make it exceeding easy to understand if your marketing is accomplishing the goal. If your marketing strategy is not leading to conversions, it is simply time to stop what you are doing, and try something different. J&L Consulting will do a marketing evaluation to see what options would be best for you and your business. 



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